Workplace Mediation

Mediation Brisbane provides mediation services for workplace disputes. These disputes often arise in work environments between two or more individuals or groups that require a third party to facilitate interventions.

Common sources of workplace disputes may include:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Peer to peer disputes
  • Manager and worker disputes
  • Disputes between two separate work teams

Failing to resolve workplace disputes can impact organisations in several ways; through the loss of productivity, potential legal costs, increased sick days, potential industrial action; and negative publicity.


Our approach

Our approach to mediation allows us to facilitate sessions either at your office, at our corporate suites or at a neutral location. We use a facilitative approach to conflict resolution and require all parties to be present during the mediation. An average workplace dispute will require between four hours to a full workday to complete depending on circumstances.

The process

Prior to the mediation, the process will be explained to both parties to ensure that all participants understand the process. Our approach facilitates the effective communication of each parties position, thoughts and interests during the mediation session. This in turn assists in the development of appropriate options and solutions to problems.

Solving workplace disputes is our business.

All of our practitioners are Nationally Accredited Mediators, ensuring you the highest quality service. For more information about our mediators, please click on the Our Mediators section of this web-site.

Organisations see the value in workplace mediations.  They provide all participants the opportunity to identify their concerns and work to develop practical solutions. Considering the costs of an ongoing dispute, mediation is a low-cost solution to workplace issues. For more information about costs, please see our Pricing section or click on the following link.


Are you a manager and have a workplace conflict issue but not sure whether you need a mediator?

We also provide an advice service to help you respond more effectively.

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