Family Mediation Brisbane

In Brisbane today, more and more separated couples are requiring Family Mediation services to settle their disputes. For example, disputes regarding property, money, children and future communication methods.

If you want to apply to court for a parenting order you are required by law to first meet with a family dispute resolution provider who can confirm that an attempt at family dispute resolution was made.

Ask yourself…

  • Do you want to establish a parenting plan for your child(ren)?
  • Do you require a Certificate S6OI to apply to court for a parenting order?
  • Are there property or monetary issues that still need to be resolved?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you’ll need to attend a Family Mediation.

Why Family Mediation?

  • The focus is on moving forward and finding resolution
  • Avoid expensive court and legal costs
  • Mediation allows parties to retain control over the outcome
  • Maintain relationships with each other.

Typically, outcomes and resolution can be achieved in one or two days.

Couples benefit from our ability to offer Saturday and out of working hours mediation.

The cost of the mediation session is $180/ hour (Incl GST).

Please click on the link for a complete summary of costs.

How The Process works?

Put simply, mediation delivers a structured process that allows issues to be identified and options developed in a confidential setting.

Our approach is to conduct initial intake meetings with each party to help you determine the suitability of your situation to mediation.  We then conduct meditations that ensure each participant has equal time to voice their issues and be heard by the other party.

Further detail of family mediation and our process can be found via the following link.

Want to know more about our fully trained Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FRDP)? Please click on the link for full Personal Biographies.

Our main office is located in Inner Brisbane North (please see map below).  We also provide mediation’s in the Brisbane CBD and other surrounding locations as well.

Most mediation sessions are held on Saturdays to accommodate the busy schedules of both parties.

The first step now is to make contact with Mediation Brisbane.  You can do this through:

  • (Tel)  3857 3777                                 
  • (Fax) 3857 2796  
  • (E-mail)
  • The Contact us section of this website to book online.

Final Note

The mediation process is about focusing on moving forward and finding resolution through a process of effective negotiation and problem solving.  With the right support, participants find the process empowering.  We encourage you to discuss with us the suitability of mediation for you.

Mediation Brisbane location finder

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Divorce Settlements

Divorce can be difficult. At Family Mediation Brisbane, we can make it easier!

Family Mediation can help to resolve those issues in a unbiased way. This often leads to a mutually satisfying outcome for all parties concerned.

When you consider the costs involved in managing your affairs through the courts, Family mediation is often a sensible choice.

Many separated couples are choosing family mediation as an effective resource when it comes to solving emotionally charged decisions.